Absence / Antisocial Personality Disorder

Well, I’ve been absent for some time now, but here goes another concerted effort to pick up where I left off; I have a feeling “grad school” is going to become the primary excuse for the reduction in many previously enjoyed behaviors.

Recently, I’ve been taking a look at the neurobiology of psychopathy / antisocial-personality disorder. It seems perfectly clear that there are deficits in gray matter in both the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex (orbitofrontal and ventromedial), and it has been pointed out that the tract joining the two (the uncinate fascisculus) also has a white matter deficit.
The remarkable thing about these studies, however, is the separation of unsuccessful and successful psychopaths (unsuccessful = a greater time incarcerated). The gray and white matter deficits seem to be indicative of unsuccessful psychopathy; I have found no study as yet that found differences in white matter / gray matter between successful psychopaths and a healthy control group that are statistically significant.
This begs the question, where are the neurological deficits in successful psychopaths?

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