From following the various testimony snippets of Breivik, he clearly has twisted cultural values that the majority of us do not harbor. Yet, it is perplexing as to how much of his claims are true. Breivik stated that he created an organization called the Knights Templar, which of course is a borrowed name for the knights allegedly charged with protecting the Holy Grail. The purpose of the Knights Templar, according to Breivik, is to create a new image for national socialism, presumably to oppose what he sees as the enemy, multiculturalism and immigration.

I think it is worth noting that Breivik appears to be ruled and guided by extreme ideology, but to what extent is he manufacturing it himself? Clearly, there is a history of national socialism in Europe and Breivik seems to have sympathies for the Serbian militants who were active during the Kosovo war, so he no doubt has inspirational sources and justifications for his views, but the fact that he wrote his own 1801 page manifesto suggests that his ideology and his behavior are largely a part of his own brain child. This is to put him in stark contrast to killers who appear to have just become wrapped up in the ideology of organizations or charismatic individuals such as Charles Manson.

The only reason I raise this point is because if you “create” your own culture by working in isolation and living hermetically, does that blur the line between sociopath and psychopath? In other words, are you merely justifying your own behavioral inclinations or do you genuinely believe there to be a greater good to your actions? From what I have read of psychopaths, it does not appear that many have complex ideas about a greater good that extends beyond their own selfish desires. Another reason that I believe Breivik to be a sociopath.