Luka Rocco Magnotta AKA Eric Clinton Newman AKA Vladimir Romanov

I have to admit it does strike me as odd that the Toronto police did not do more when U.S. attorney, Mr. Roger Renville, alerted them to a video showing a naked man, bound up, and getting hacked to death by an ice pick; subsequently, the corpse was defiled and cut up. Renville explained the response he received, “He suggested the video I saw must be a fake, it must be good special effects. It just didn’t make any sense for a fellow to videotape himself committing his crime, then load it on the Internet.” If this response is true, it was indeed an epic fail, because of course people videotape the most heinous of crimes. In fact, it is because these crimes are videotaped they could become immune to scrutiny precisely because the viewers refuse to believe that it is real. A message from the Toronto Police stated that they did not want the Internet to become an alternative to “911”; Renville was trying to send them a link to the video, and there is mention that the Toronto Police’s facebook page was used. However, as Renville was not just posting or e-mailing, and was actually on the phone to the police, this should not have gone unheeded, and suggests that some changes do need to be made.

It has not been confirmed, but the victim of this vicious attack seems to be Jun-Lin, a college student, living in Toronto. A foot was sent to the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa and a hand was sent to the Liberal Party of Canada, but was intercepted by the postal service. A headless torso was also found in a brown suitcase in the trash behind Magnotta’s apartment complex. The video that Renville was trying to bring to the attention of the Toronto Police has now been accepted as legitimate. Magnotta has also been linked to a video, published online in 2010, showing two kittens suffocating in a plastic bag, and another video showing a kitten getting fed to a snake.

Magnotta, a bisexual porn actor and model, was filmed interviewing for Cover Guy, a Canadian reality TV show on the gay channel, OUT TV.  He is eventually rejected on the basis of being too skinny and the interviewers seem to have had a problem with his butt, although commentary is mostly inaudible. Magnotta appears really self confident and has no problem saying, “People have told me I am really devastatingly good looking,” and criticism is rebutted easily with comments like, “Well, people have their own preferences.” I’m sure many models are self assured, but it is worth noting that the psychopathic are also tremendously egotistical. When the interviewers comment that he is too thin, Magnotta says that he was in Italy where they wanted him to be thinner, which I’m guessing is a lie. Watching the video and knowing what this guy has done is really creepy, much like Rodney Alcala appearing on the Dating Game in the 1970s.

It is believed that Magnotta is currently in France; although French police officials appear divided on this idea. Canadian Police have brought to light a blog entry by Magnotta, which explains how to disappear. As Magnotta already has gone by at least three names (Luka Magnotta, Eric Newman, and Vladimir Romanov), and a quick glance at modelling photos suggests he knows how to manipulate his image, it probably is going to be a difficult struggle to apprehend him. Even though it is not the FBI’s jurisdiction, I actually hope they are consulted, given their immense experience and expertise with these kind of individuals.

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