Luka Magnotta – Extradition

Magnotta was arrested in an Internet cafe in Berlin on Monday, June 4th. However, the long and arduous extradition process is about to begin. According to the Canadian media outlet, The Star, the Canadian government has 45 days to file an extradition request, which will lead to an extradition hearing, and Magnotta could be assigned a defense attorney if he cannot afford one. If you haven’t guessed already, getting him extradited to Canada is going to take a long time.

**Apparently, Magnotta is not going to fight extradition, so with any luck he’ll get back to Canada for trial quickly.

The media seem to be making good use of the term “bisexual pornstar”; sexuality is irrelevant, and he’s a porn actor, not a pornstar. The fact that Magnotta was on OUT TV trying to get a spot on a reality show to earn the top prize of underwear model seems to indicate that he hasn’t been that successful as some kind of celebrity. He has now become the celebrity that he could never have been otherwise.

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