Absence, Psychopathy, and God

It has been far too long since my last blog entry, but I have been so ridiculously busy that writing a half decent post has just been too challenging.

I have just about got the go ahead to submit my IRB protocol application to the Ole Miss IRB Board; if passed, this will finally allow me to press on with my experiment, which is essentially pissing off martial artists and measuring the changes in their autonomic nervous system. Very excited about this – perhaps too excited.

I have also been penning a novel about psychopathy, which is progressing nicely but forcing my sleep pattern out of sync. As much as I love creativity that seems to come from the sleepy exhaustion of 4am, this is just not a decent hour to meet too often.

I recently came across the following video that was posted on the American Humanist Association (AHA) facebook page, and although I think parts of it are over done, it does make a perfectly valid point about God and Psychopathy. I agree entirely with Christopher Hitchens that the god heralded by Abrahamic faiths in his kingdom of heaven, certainly does seem to fit the bill of a “divine North Korea”.

Playing God: The Loving Psychopath (CircusOfBedlam)

Click photo for video.

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