Head of Luka Magnotta’s victim / Involvement of Ron Jeremy

I hate to admit that I have been sucked in to thinking about the significance of the scattered body parts of Jun Lin. Body parts are often highly symbolic throughout all cultures, and if Magnotta was a villain in a TV series or a crime novel, the manner in which the limbs of Jun Lin were sent all over Montreal would have a deep meaning, as if behind Magnotta’s depravity there was some kind of evil genius at work.

The reality is of course that this was nothing but an act of terrorism. Limbs were sent to political parties and to two elementary schools, and the head of the victim was found in the Park Angrignon in Montreal. Shock, terror, and panic are the only things Magnotta was trying to achieve. In fact, I believe that he wanted to get caught, precisely because of all the media attention he would get because the world would suddenly know who he is, regardless of the reason for his fame.

Where I think Magnotta stands out against other instrumental murderers, is that he was able to commit these extreme acts of animal cruelty, and later murder and cannibalism, because he craved fame and loved drawing attention to acts of depravity; I do not think he did them implicitly as means to private pleasure and gratification. Much of what Magnotta has done has ended up in video and made available online.

I have just come across this video/article online that shows Magnotta now has fan girls; the comments from these women are absurd, especially given what Magnotta has done. This is a phenomenon I will never understand.

Rescue Ink, an animal rights group, had asked Ron Jeremy (known for infinite adult movies) to help capture Magnotta for his many acts of animal cruelty. Magnotta had been a porn actor, and it was believed that Jeremy could entice him out of Canada into the United States (extradition does not happen for animal cruelty) under the pretense of making an adult movie, and then once on set the activists could apprehend him. Jeremy was never encouraged by this idea, saying, “That’s good for the movies. That doesn’t work in real life.”

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