Tackling child abuse would go a long way to stop the psychopathic brain from developing, but once it’s there it definitely seems permanent.

Phoenix Rising

Codependents take note: You can’t fix a psychopath; you can’t fix a sociopath. You can’t fix a narcissist. You can’t fix anyone with cluster  B personality disorder for the following reasons:

Those with antisocial personality disorders (psychopaths are a sub category of ASPD, there is strong evidence they were born that way. Front lobe differences. Communication differences within the brain.

For narcissists, either they were born that way or their condition is a result of childhood neglect or abuse. In essence, their brains were warped as young child. They are so ego centric and needy due to this abuse or neglect that they put themselves first. They cannot stop doing this.

No matter how patient you are with them, no matter how good you are or how much you love them, they will not change for you. They will not change because they cannot change.

Unlike other forms…

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