Breivik: The would-be revolutionary

Breivik received a sentence on Friday August 24th, 2012, that will see him put behind bars for a minimum of 21 years, but this is likely to be extended if he is still considered a threat. It seems like the judge spared no expense of reading out an account of the mass carnage and killings before sentencing Breivik, although, I am sure that Breivik listened to it with pleasure as a list of achievements.

Perhaps this is obvious, but I have recently blogged that some people who go on a killing spree do so with what seems like a terminal and immediate end point in mind (What makes a person snap and go on a killing spree?). For example, James Holmes, the shooter in Aurora, CO, did not fight the police after the shooting and seemed to go quietly; personally, I think it was a desperate cry for help and a need to be taken seriously that had turned malign. Wade Page, who went on a rampage at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee, WI, had to have known that he would be shot and killed by police. Neither of these men, therefore, could be involved in any repeats of these attacks; it was a one time deal for both.

Breivik is different.

Breivik seems to consider himself some kind of soldier, and while Holmes and Wade seemed to act out of anger and desperation, Breivik seems incredibly comfortable with what he did, and would no doubt do it again and again and again. Holmes and Wade wanted an immediate and violent end to their world, but Breivik was trying to bring in a new era, and it is why he must never be released.

I am also sure that while he is in prison, he will be penning his own Mein Kampf. Breivik has been scribbling and writing a lot throughout the duration of the trial, and these thoughts will no doubt appear in another manifesto. It is very telling that Breivik has been very concerned about the legal status of his sanity, because if he is sane his “intellectual” property will have greater currency and his ideas can potentially have a greater impact.

2 thoughts on “Breivik: The would-be revolutionary

  1. Disillusioned

    Is it known if he was tested with Dr Hare’s psychopathy checklist? If he was, and scored at least 30 out of 40, he would be diagnosed as a clinically psychopathic. Lack of empathy, remorse, and conscience are distinctive features of psychopaths. Among criminals, they are repeat offenders to a much higher degree than non-psychopaths.


    1. Jay Cuzey Post author

      To my knowledge, Breivik has only had two psychological examinations that took place during his trial. One showed him to a paranoid schizophrenic, and the other resulted in him being declared sane; they have recently declared him legally sane and sentenced him accordingly.
      I actually think that Breivik is a sociopath (to be distinguished from psychopath), and I have written at length why (Anders Breivik, sociopath).
      Killing sprees are not typically the M.O. of the psychopath. And also, Breivik has a values system and a sense of morality – it’s just a warped one.



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