Pacific Northwest and Serial Killers

I just stumbled across this article from the Seattle Times, published in 2003, and written by Alex Tizon. When reading about serial killers, you can’t help wondering if there is just something special about the Pacific Northwest. This article puts those thoughts into some context.

Does Northwest draw out serial killers?

4 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest and Serial Killers

  1. Paula

    BTK doesn’t fit into the coastal, outlying area theory. Plus, Maine, New Hampshire and West Virginia all seem similar in terrain and weather conditions with vast remote areas for hiding/disposing of bodies. I’m wondering about wildlife, though. The Pacific Northwest has hungrier wildlife like wolves and coyotes and cougars and black bears. The eastern states have deer, moose, and far fewer larger predatory animals capable of devouring bodies. I know that sounds sick but it’s one of the things that came to mind. I just always think of the Pacific Northwest being Wilder, so to say. 🙂


  2. Jay Cuzey Post author

    There probably is something to your wildlife idea, Paula 🙂 As a biologist, I wonder if certain genes remain in circulation in the same regions, but that doesn’t really hold any water. While I think there’s something to genetic predispositions, I’m convinced its the destruction and abuse of parent-child bonds that gives one of the biggest pushes towards psychopathy.


    1. Paula

      I worry about that, too, the parent-child bond and the society-human bond. In The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout argues why she believes only less than 1% of the population of Eastern cultures are made up of sociopaths (as compared to 4% in the West). She believes that because Eastern cultures and religions consider all of nature as sacred and connected, even those prone or predisposed to being sociopaths are nurtured to suppress those anti-social feelings and behaviors. The sociopath ultimately wants to blend in and not get detected. Eastern culture is not narcissistic like the West, so those behaviors are suppressed even deeper. In the East, it’s disrespectful to be arrogant and haughty and out for #1, yourself. In the West, that behavior is encouraged and considered positive and powerful. Eastern culture seems to have a built-in safety net that protects society from such predators. Speaks to why the Inuits (from one of your previous posts) would rather knock the asshole off the iceberg than allow him to continue wreaking havoc on the community. Nice and quietly disposing of the problem. Hehe!



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