Rodney Alcala

Alcala in San Quentin State Prison, 1997 (Wikipedia)Rodney Alcala has just made the news again recently, because he’s just been sentenced for two killings that took place in New York City in the late 70s. Alcala was tried and convicted in 1980 for the death of 12 year old Robin Samsoe, but the verdict was later overturned by the Californian Supreme Court. In 2003, he faced a third prosecution, but the trial of Alcala has been ongoing for most of the first decade of the twenty-first century.

As with most serial killers, his total death toll is not known, but over the last ten years he has been convicted of more murders. In 2003, his DNA was used and successfully matched to a number of rape victims.

Alcala was a photographer, and there is still an ongoing attempt to identify many of the women in his photographs. These photographs can currently be viewed at Crimesider, with the relevant contact information if the women are identified.

Jack Pemment, 2013

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