John Gottman’s work on aggression

John Gottman

I was pleased to find a link to John Gottman’s 1995 study on domestic violence that did not require access from a university electronic library. Please click on the link below to take a look.

The Relationship Between Heart Rate Reactivity, Emotionally Aggressive Behavior, and General Violence in Batterers

The study is very interesting, for numerous reasons, particularly because the research team found two types of men when exploring domestic violence. Low and behold, one type is the psychopath, and the other type is the reactively aggressive individual. The study explores the physiology of both types of men, and finds a number of differences – such as low resting heart rate in the psychopathic, and that the psychopathic levels of aggression always seem to exceed the reactively aggressive.

One of the most chilling points the research team found was that when they followed up about a year later to look at how many of the couples had broken up, NONE of the couples with the psychopath had split up. This just goes to show how good these people can become at keeping others under their heel.

Well worth a look.

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