Hervey Cleckley Quotes #1

I’m currently reading Cleckley’s ‘The Mask of Sanity’, and I feel compelled to share some of his thoughts as I go. Even though this is something of a classic for psychiatric literature, I still laugh out loud at what must be Cleckley’s sense of humor.

Commenting upon the newspaper headline – Now in Mental Hospital, Accused of Treason, Held Insane, Ezra Pound Given Top Poetry Prize – Cleckley notes the following:-

The headlines emphasize what sometimes seems to be a rapt predilection of small but influential cults of intellectuals or esthetes for what is generally regarded as perverse, dispirited, or distastefully unintelligible. The award of a Nobel Prize in literature to Andre Gide, who in his work fervently and openly insists that pederasty is the superior and preferable way of life for adolescent boys, furnishes a memorable example of such judgments.

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