typewriterI just wanted to reach out and thank everyone for reading my blog over the years. I’ve tried to maintain and enforce a scientific basis for some of the more research and commentary pieces, and have freely expressed speculation and opinion in others. Regrettably, there is never a shortage of violent events in the world, and I will still seek to chip away in my own corner, trying to understand why violent events happen and hopefully generate some insight into how it could be prevented.

In addition, I’ve been exploring fiction writing for some time now, as a way to try and capture the fragility of the human mind, and the struggle many of us have with simple day to day activities and expectations. This writing has mostly been short stories, as I try to present snapshots of the moments in life where we are the most mentally fatigued or helpless. I feel there is a connection between the fatigued mind and the potential onset of mental illness or disorder, those times when we feel that we might “go off the rails” and never return.

I would be honored if readers gave these stories a go, and only if enjoyed, to share them with others. In return, I open my time to read the work of others, and share within my networks, and to have constructive conversation on any interesting topics.

In addition to a novella that I have written (Recreation of Meaning), I currently have two types of stories available from the stories page. Asylum stories, which are short stories focused on characters who have lost their ability to think clearly, and are presented with circumstances that defy normality, and serial killer/killer stories, that seek to capture how unprepared we are when those we love (or least suspect) reveal this side of their life to us.

I wish all of you a great day and I hope to interact with you soon!