Hi Everyone,

I have recently updated my ‘About‘ page if you’re mildly curious. I know that my blog posts aren’t for everyone, but I do like to explore the gritty, awful side of humanity, and I do enjoy cussing from time to time. I have been striving to cut through modern day hypersensitive bullshit with my own take of relationships and intimacy – something I’m starting to believe are behind serial killing, rape, and necrophilia. The shadow of love, I think, almost eclipses its counterpart.

I have included some snippets of my thriller, Seeing Red (75,000 words), and if you’re interested in providing literary representation or negotiating the production, please feel free to reach out. After much thought, I will not be self publishing.

Here’s some pictures from Seeing Red by the artist, and my good friend, Katie Kelleher.