Welcome to the Blame the Amygdala blog!

I have been blogging about and researching human aggression and violent behavior for about ten years now, mostly from a neurobiological point of view. I have always been interested in extreme behaviors, particularly those which strike us the most abhorrent, and have often pondered how some people could have “given themselves permission” to act in these ways.

Human behavior is often remarkably complex, and one of the things that excites (amuses) me is that humans always seem to throw you a curve ball when you think you have a theory on why things happen. With a brain made up of billions of neurons and trillions of synaptic connections that are constantly subject to modification, you do start to see a certain kind of infinity to who we are and how we are never the same moment to moment.

The posts tend to be a mixture of observational pieces and short stories. I am open to writing opportunities, both research articles for journals and popular pieces, and if a project excites me I am open to collaboration. Please feel free to look around and comment, or if you’d like to contact me, please use the form below.