Blame the Amygdala

Brain Stains, Killers, and Psychopaths

About the author

IMG_0016Welcome to the Blame the Amygdala blog! If your brain has been steadily falling apart for the last few years, then this is the place for you.

I have been blogging about and researching human aggression and violent behavior for about ten years now, mostly from a neurobiological point of view. I have always been interested in extreme behaviors, particularly those which strike us the most abhorrent, and have often pondered how some people could have “given themselves permission” to act in these ways.

The posts tend to be a mixture of observational pieces and short stories. I have written a thriller, Seeing Red (75,000 words), which sees a young martial artist with synesthesia pitted against a serial killer. I have included a synopsis and the first three chapters on the Seeing Red page. If you’re interested in providing literary representation or buying the production rights, please feel free to reach out.

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Seeing Red: Artwork by Katie Kelleher



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