Blame the Amygdala

Brain Stains, Killers, and Psychopaths


Here are some short stories that I have written. I try to focus on how fragile our minds are, and how processing experience can often be daunting. I also strive for a dark humorous overtone to mitigate the existential crises of the characters.

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The Recreation of Meaning (Available as a pdf)

Matthew and Thomas are two best friends who are yet to discover how much they mean to each other. Matthew is pleasantly coasting in his job, taking job opportunities as they come, and Thomas is, well, stuck in his own world and treats everything like a game just so he can deal with life. When the two are taken out of their comfort zones by being sent on a business trip just before Christmas to Aspen, Colorado, from their homes in King’s Lynn, in the United Kingdom, things go terrible awry. They find their business contact dead in his hotel room, and are subsequently kidnapped. Matthew and Thomas manage to escape into a forest and end up in the quaint town of Redstone.

The new environment and the trauma help to show Matthew and Thomas just how much they mean to each other as they forge a bond beyond what either of them could have imagined.


Literary Asylum

The Impossible Chess Game

Pop another synapse, Joe!

Sometimes Words Escape Me


Serial Killer / Killer



The Date


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