Blame the Amygdala

Brain Stains, Killers, and Psychopaths

Sometimes words escape me

vampire cat“Tell me, Jaspar, what is the name of the mythological creature that sucks people’s blood?”

Dr. Deed sat across from me in my cell, and I couldn’t remember if I wanted him there or not.

“The blood. The funny man with the, the…” I snapped my fingers, trying to make the word come out, but it was either hiding or it just wasn’t there. I sighed, “He has teeth.”

“That’s right,” said the doctor, “He has sharp fangs.”

“Fangles?” I asked, curious.

“No, fangs.” The doctor pointed to his teeth. He had a large tongue. “Can you remember Count Dracula?” he continued, trying to lead me to the right word.

“I don’t remember him,” I replied, honestly. “I mean, I didn’t see him anywhere.”

“He’s not real,” replied the Doctor, “He’s fictional. Make believe.”

“I see,” I said, losing interest.

The doctor wrote something on a clipboard that was sitting lazily in his lap.

“Why do you have that?” I said, pointing nervously to it.

“It helps me remember,” he explained.

“Remember what?”

“My meetings.”

“Who do you get to meet?” I wondered.

“Important people.  People like you.”

I looked up at the ceiling, curious to know if I had fangles. Doctor Deed looked at his watch. He looked like he was a bored man. A very bored man, indeed. “Who else do you have to see today?” I asked, trying to show some interest.

He smiled, “You are my last patient.”

“I am the first patient,” I corrected him.

“How do you know?” he laughed at me, thinking he was so funny.

I sighed, “Because I am the first person to show you any patience today.”

He smiled again, and stood up from his chair. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see him again or not. “Very good,” he said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I can’t guarantee that,” I said, shaking my head, “And neither can you.”

“True,” he replied, opening my door.

As he moved out into the hallway, I suddenly felt alive. “Oh, oh!” I shouted, “It’s a cat! A vampire cat! They go bang in the night.”


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