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A rebuttal to Ronson’s book – The Psychopath Test

I was so happy to come across this response today from the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy (SSSP) to Ronson’s book, ‘The Psychopath Test’. I have never been overly impressed with Ronson, and it always seemed to me that from what I had found out about Hare’s PCL-R, didn’t quite match up with Ronson’s take on it.

“In short, we think that Ronson’s book trivializes a serious personality disorder and its measurement, which is not helpful to those who have the disorder or to their unfortunate victims.”

To read the full commentary from the SSSP, click here.

Jack Pemment, 2013

Jon Ronson discussing psychopathy and mental illness at TED

This is not a bad TED talk by Jon Ronson. In a fairly humorous 20 minute discussion he points out the follies of the DSM and the Psychopathy Check List. He concludes that our obsession to categorize people within narrow mental illness parameters ends up dehumanizing the patient and can lead to fatal outcomes.