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Acting at Random – An exhaustive look at the life of Israel Keyes

Acting at random

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to the blog Acting at Random: A Study of Israel Keyes. The biographer of Keyes, Molly Kaneski , has done a fantastic job of illuminating the life of a killer, who five months ago was being held in police custody and awaiting trial. Keyes committed suicide in his cell in December, 2012.

I mentioned Keyes, briefly, in a blog post I wrote for Psychology Today, entitled When Serial Killers Commit Suicide. At the time I wrote this post, a concise history of the life of Keyes was unavailable, and I had to find what I could from various media outlets. Kaneski has put together a very well researched study on the life of Keyes, and it includes life photos, as well as audio and video files pertaining to his crimes and eventual capture.

Keyes worked in construction and had ‘kill kits’ buried around the United States. He researched the activities of other killers and was even compared to Ted Bundy in terms of how well he kept his dark-side hidden and how meticulous he was carrying out his crimes.

I highly recommend Acting at Random: A Study of Israel Keyes to anyone interested in the lives of serial killers, as they will profit immensely from this excellently put together biography.

I am certainly looking forward to the future work of Molly Kaneski.