Run up to Luka Magnotta trial: Update

The following article by Rene Bruemmer recently appeared in the Montreal Gazette regarding the trial of Luka Magnotta.

Attorneys for two criminologists are fighting to keep information confidential, hoping that it will not be used in the trial of Magnotta; the criminologists may have interviewed Magnotta before he became the primary suspect in the murder of Jun Lin. The interviews might include information about Magnotta’s work as an escort, and one of the attorney’s main focus is on the sex trade.

A meeting to decide on a date to discuss keeping the information confidential has been set for March 1st, 2013.

If a meeting to decide a date to discuss confidentiality isn’t going to happen for another five months, then one can only wonder when the actual trial will take place.

Luka Magnotta is currently in custody awaiting trial for the murder of Jun Lin. Lin was murdered between May 24-25, 2012, and Magnotta subsequently fled Canada. He was arrested in Berlin, Germany on June 4th, and arrived back in Canada on June 19th after extradition.

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